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Homescapes – Using Power Ups Effectively

Homescapes power ups how to use them effectively

Boosters and power ups are the key of success in every match 3 levels of the homescapes game. Especially for hard match 3 levels, they are best way to use.

Mostly, people saves their boosters for harder levels and try to make various power ups in the game. And this is the right strategy to follow in every game like homescapes or gardenscapes.

But, did you know how to use power ups for more impact than usual?

Today, we will be discussing about the ways to use power ups more efficiently than usual to get more out of them. So let’s get started.

How to Use Power Ups Effectively?

Power ups are just like oxygen for your body in match 3 levels of this game. You need to make as much power ups as you can to survive in the level or beat the level.

Power ups play a very vital role in these levels when it comes to beat them and move on to the next one.

Learn how to use them effectively in step by step guide below.

  • As soon as you create any power up, do not use it immediately without thinking. Take your time, and think about the results you want in return for this power up and then use it in your favor.
  • Using power ups randomly may cost you losing your valuable life in the level. Try to make bigger power ups like rainbow balls or at least bombs.
  • Then use these power ups with different other power ups like rockets of paper planes to make the impact more brutal.
  • Try to avoid using a single power up with any element other than another power ups.
  • Use rainbow balls with bombs to vanish everything in the level easily.

The last strategy I shown above is the masterpiece when you use it with the right time at a right place.

No matter how hard the level is, if you have a rainbow ball along with bomb power ups beside each other, then they will easily vanish everything available in the match 3 and you will easily win the level without any problem.

Try this secret tip for winning match 3 levels using power ups effectively and you will never need to find any kind of homescapes mod apk hack to win the levels. Whether its working or non-working no matter.

As you are doing it on your own by beating the levels with the help of power ups.

The same thing you can do even with the boosters. Try to combine rainbow ball booster with rainbow ball power up and you are done. This way, you can even solve the hardest level ever exists in homescapes game easily.

Don’t trust me?

Try it on yourself and then let me know what you did and what happened next.

Just make sure that you have enough time to invest in the levels for playing it this way. Because it takes time to analyze moves before making them and if you are not a patient guy, then am sorry, this method is not for you.